Never Played With The Cool Kids

by Lie Craze

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released November 7, 2009

All Words, Synths, Guitar, Vocals and Recordings by Lie Craze
Track 2: Music by Eric Crusher
Track 9: Music and Mixing by Trancestyler
Track 12 & 13: Music and Mixing by Joerg Seidemann




Lie Craze Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Sticks As Arms
There are a thousand different reasons, our romance is dead
And I'm occupied considering it has not begun yet
Soon when a little time has passed by I will may understand
Right now I'm sitting on my carpet and I'm staring my legs

I keep on wondering why they are working that well.
I watch them tramp and run and hide and going red when I fell
Only these hands are useless, my elbows can't bend
No matter what I'm wearing, it's too clear to pretend

I've got sticks as arms
I can't hold you back
I've got sticks as arms
And now it's too late

What have I done?
I must have hurt you.
I didn't see
My arms confront you
Just like a hitch
A flogging tree-some-
thing crushed into your face.
Can't lift you up, I can not take your hand
So I go back to what I'm used to
Moving awkward, breaking objects everywhere.

Now probably you're thinking I'm telling a lie
But what has been your biggest problem all over the time?
You told me I'm so numb, so selfish and I'm acting so cold.
Please don't blame me for ignorance, it just can't be my fault

I'm sorry I've never called you, it's the phone I can't grab
And yes, I did receive your letter but I couldn't write back.
I saw you freezing in the corner when it has been so cold
And I did really like to hug you but I just couldn't move.

I've got sticks as arms
I can't pull you back
I've got sticks as arms
And now it's too late
And you are away
Track Name: Not In Love
How should I answer that one question by outlining the facts?
I know I'm not honest, said I was taken, wish I could take that back.
One look in your eye and I see nothing
You prevent from getting hurt
I used to know there was some feeling
But now this is disturbed

Thought I was in love
When I
Thought I was in love

I'm afraid it got tasteless
Your fine lips while I'm licking your pride since the day they turned white
Your amazing brown eyes
You can listen to my divide now live on your telephone line
I promised to defend myself from you catching my breath from your entire look
You see I'm doing good
I don't need love.

I'm not in love

How could I believe
That my heart could achieve
To love someone again this time?
Why I
I'm not in love
Track Name: Get Your Facts Straight
Oh come on
It's been a while
But I'm still in this
You wonder how I've been ?
I am rambling
I am standing
And I am caught between
How are you
and how is this place
Where do you belong?
I know
I've never belonged here.
Don't look this way
It's already raining
A fight wasn't what I came for
Just tell me now
Maybe I understand you
And then I'll go back
Get your facts straight
You let me go
I don't mind
I never needed you so
Better walked alone a brighter pathway.
But you judged me
For spending my lifetime in silence
While you put this noise in your right life
I can see you but I won't lean back
so safe.
Now I know
Strength is acted
Just for hiding
While I was trembling
I was fighting
And so much lost within
You made me feel
Like I was nothing
Could simply be replaced
A bad choice
In your screenplay.
Now look at me
I've just start living
I've grown I've changed
And watch you stand still
In your chains
From a distance
I will never come back
Who's the one who took the step and crossed the border right?
Can't believe all of you are stuck in your everyday lives
That I have never wanted
You should see I had to broaden my mind
Track Name: Slightly Acquainted
My mind's going black and my heart isn't rented
You tell me to stop can we still be acquainted?
I'm sorry for all that might have offended you
After all that we've done I just can't seem to move you
My mind's going black but my heart isn't rented
You tell me to stop we stay slightly acquainted
I didn't want you to lose your independence
After all that we've been through, I can't seem to move you
Track Name: Sex And Silence
What's your name
Where do you come from
Are you often here? I've never
seen you before you're so pretty-
What's your name again?
I'll go and buy some drinks
And when I'm back then we can dance
Do you have a boyfriend, girlfriend?
I don't, but I've got some time tonight

I can not believe you've got me with these stupid words into your flat, into your bed
Now I feel fucked up as hell
And no, you can not hold my hand and shit
Please, just shut your mouth and save these useless conversation 'cause
I will stay blind all my life
with my troubled head defeated
I've been I've been so many times
inside a life that wasn't mine
I know all types of lies
And ways they're acting like a porn star
Don't get me wrong
I offer everything you want
With you I'm everything I'm not
Just let me inside
Let me go inside

Your heart is broken
But I'm not to blame
This girl was your downfall
I'm to play a game
for distraction
not to infect us with such a flighty thing as love
Or are you weak enough to love?

I can not believe you thought you'll find the love of your life on a dirty dancefloor
You see, I am not a whore
And I won't do this anymore
But I need you for tonight
Then I step out of your life

Tell me anything
I won't love you
I wait 'til you sleep
Then I go
Track Name: Plus One
So time will tell, what, huh?
Are you missing that sound
When I'm not around?
Stop calling me all night
Saying how you've got wiser
Why don't you wish you would have been nice?
See the thing is,
I get a phonebook in a night
While you barely get laid your entire life
You say it's cause you've got standards
So standard your hand, man
Just standard your hand, man

Stop this complaining
while you should be in shame
all good days you were wasted
let's face that
One last night on the balcony floor
you make me crying no more
and i had feelings, of course
now understand, you won't get me right back
you're nothing special without me
nothing special without me
you're just plus one
and i am having all fun
i'm saying, i'm saying

-awesome keyboard line-

I see it starts again
Billions of stories of lovers in my head
going round and round
But this time I refuse
You and me had just no use
I gave you so much
It was never enough
Every minute you were starting a fight
when i was writing you a song and i was trying to be nice
and you were saying no one forced me
you were saying no one forced me
i could break it
yes, i don't know why i stayed.
Track Name: Song By Heart
What a song
You figured out
That it can turn you inside out
Just these lines live in your head

With the words written down
Or that you made up on your own
To fit the best into your life

That has been so many years from now
But you still feel it
The cries in the corner of teenage disorder
When just the tunes proved you right
And it still gives a stitch to your chest
When you hear them
And I feel the same

When I feel naked to my bones
Just leave me covered with a song

With the headphones on my ear
I swear and promise to breathe out
In all these moments that I fear
The most I promise to breathe out
I need the right tunes there to hear
And I can promise to breathe out

I'm unprotected
My life lies open on the floor
I'm not accepted
Seems like they don't need me anymore
You've got this huge support called "Jesus"
Who helps you over seasons
I've got a song.

And I know every line they sing by heart